About us

Founded in 2007, MyMac is a IT product and services company that helps companies explore their full potential with information technology.

Over 10+ years of experience, MyMac has brought many corporations in Hong Kong and China with reliable and professional IT support and maintenance. MyMac enhances business communication with various communication channels including email, website, ftp software, and cloud server, which results in better business efficiency and performance.

Scope of Services

IT Maintenance

  • Computer operation problem
  • Wire and wireless internet connect problem
  • Printer connection problem
  • Software issue
  • User backup service
  • Regular update and checking
  • Upgrade and improve computer performance
  • Antivirus service

Email Solutions

  • Setup email domain and address
  • Email integration
  • Email user management
  • Email auto reply/forward
  • Email tracking
  • Sync email with smartphone
  • Email spam filter


Server Support

  • New server setup
  • File setup
  • File permission management
  • Remote access server
  • Server auto backup
  • Server security
  • Regular checking and update





Mymac assist education corporations to create an advanced teaching process to their students, services ranging from equipment installations includes projector and screen installations, to providing all the IT supports and maintenance it requires.


For manufacturing companies, Mymac enhance and manage the server security, accessibility and connectivity to network which helping them getting an efficient production process.


Finance & Law

Cyber security is a top priority to finance and law firms which make sure the client’s sensitive data and information is well protected and back up at any time.


Design & Production

Mymac provides design & production house with comprehensive services ranging from maintaining Mac products in their high performance for the design/ rendering/ video editing softwares or applications.

Contact Us

Mymac Computer Technology Limited
Unit 1308, Hong Man Industrial Centre
2 Hong Man Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

T 852 8201 1716
F 852 8201 1718
E info@mymac.com.hk

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